Report: Urakawa Bethel House Winter School Kohji Ishihara

Report: Urakawa Bethel House Winter School Kohji Ishihara

Monday, February 17-Friday, February 21, 2014
Urakawa Bethel House, Urakawa-cho, Hokkaido
Organized by
The Educational Project 3 "Science, Technology, and Inclusive Society," Integrated Human Sciences Program for Cultural Diversity, The University of Tokyo
Cooperated by
Social Welfare Corporation, Urakawa Bethel House (Urakawa Beteru no ie)
Coordinated by
Kohji Ishihara (Associate Professor, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo)

11 graduate students participating in this one-week winter school gave presentations about their own researches to the users of the Urakawa Bethel House, the unique organization run by people with psychiatric disorders for themselves. They then discussed with the users how the researches could contribute to the user's need. The event was organized based on the cooperative relationship with the Urakawa Bethel House, developed through the works of the University of Tokyo Center for Philosophy (UTCP). In this winter school, students were expected not only to provide their presentations and listen to the lectures of the professors, but also to learn from everyday life at the Urakawa Bethel House. Care was taken to ensure that the event does not alter the daily schedule of the house. All the participating students have submitted reports on their experience. Also, we interviewed some of the participants from the Bethel House. We are now combining the detailed reports including the reports of the students and the feedbacks from the users of the Bethel. The event has basically gained a good feedback from the Urakawa Bethel House, and they are welcoming us for our next Winter School, planned in February 2015.

  • Lectures (13.30–15.30, February 17)
    Shoichi Ishiura, "Brain, Mind, and Genetics"
    (Professor, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences / Deputy Dean, Graduate School and College of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo)
    Ikuyoshi Mukaiyachi (Professor, Health Sciences University of Hokkaido), "30 Years in the Bethel House"
    Minoru Sasaki (Managing Director, Urakawa Bethel House), "With the Bethel House"
    Shigeru Kobayashi (Urakawa Bethel House), "Bethel House and Community Care"

    Presentations by Graduate Students
    Graduate students were to give an easy-to-understand presentation, connecting their researches in areas such as philosophy, neurosciences (brain sciences), cognitive sciences, sociology, and education, to the issues of psychiatric disability (15 minutes presentation followed by 10 minutes discussion).

  • 15:30-17:30, February 17
    Masataka Urushihara (Cognitive Science), " Hypnosis and Hallucination"
    Mari Kanamoto (Abnormal Science), "Mechanism of Hallucination"
    Yosuke Taniuchi (Phenomenology / Philosophy of Psychiatry), "Is the Euphorigenic Condition in Manic State Truly an Euphony?"
    Ikuru Nogami (Comparative Education / International Education Development), "Present Conditions and Issues of Mental Health in Africa"

  • 9:30-11:30, February 18
    Muneki Ikeda (Neuroscience / Neuroendocrinology), "Hormone and Mind"
    Erina Ooshima (Molecular Biology) "Brain Science on Aging"
    Yuta Mizuno (Theoretical Chemistry / Computational Chemistry), "Drug Development Using IT and Made-to-Order Medical Care"
    Natsumi Tsuda (Medical Sociology), "Strategy to Deal with Highly Normative / Restrictive Knowledge"

  • 16:00-17:30, February 20
    Ayaka Sugiura (Neuroscience), "Brain Science on 'Happiness'"
    Hisato Kuriwaki (Existentialism / History of Psychiatric Thoughts / Culture and Representations), "Philosophy of Fear against Others: J. P. Sartre and Vulnerability of 'Self'"
    Mana Takasaki (Philosophy of Psychiatry), "Implication of TOJISHA KENKYU for Family Study"

We also participated in meetings, Social Skill Trainings, and TOJISHA KENKYUs, every morning. In the evening, we toured the facilities and exchanged opinions with others.

report date: March 3, 2014